Kids steal man's wheelchair, use it as toy

A group of children and teens in Upper Darby, Delaware County, stole a parapalegic's wheelchair yesterday as a prank, according to police. The wheelchair was later recovered.

Michael J. Chitwood, Upper Darby Superintendent of Police, said police received a call about 12:30 p.m. Sunday from Andrew Hinson, of the 7000 block of Clinton Road, saying someone had stolen his wheelchair from outside his home.

Hinson has left his customized wheelchair outside Saturday night into Sunday. He only asked that it be returned no questions asked.

Detectives spoke with neighbors who said they saw juveniles playing with the wheelchair, which was found a few blocks away on Radbourne Road.  The juveniles were between 12 and 14, according to Chitwood.

“Unfortunately you can’t leave anything unlocked,” said Chitwood. “That is how we live today.”

Before it became the known the chair had been recovered, Chitwood said that he received two calls from local business people wanting to help replace it.

Police did not say if any of the juveniles would be charged.