John Bolaris: Enjoy our dry weather lucky streak for ninth weekend in a row

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In this June 27, 2013 photo, beachgoers enjoy a sunny day on the beach in Atlantic City, N.J. The city is one of five Jersey shore beach towns that don't require visitors to buy beach badges. (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)

They say, whoever they are, that timing is everything in life.

Well, as far as this summer goes, we have been on a weekend weather hot streak -- nice streak, pleasant streak, lucky streak, whatever you want to call it. It has been basically dry for the past eight weekends here in Philly.

Now we did have an exception last Friday, on the morning of July 4. The shore got soaked as Hurricane Arthur passed well off the coast. But while it was considered part of your holiday weekend, the calendar read Friday, July 4, so it was technically not a weekend. The last time it rained on your weekend around here was actually before the unofficial launch of summer back on May 10-11.

The question is: Will this weekend become lucky No. 9 with more copious amounts of the solar disk and blue skies?

First, if you're heading to the shore you might have some concerns, as the shore saw in some places -- Cape May County, in particular -- up to an half of foot of rain Thursday as a stalled frontal system draped over southern New Jersey and Delaware, acting as a runway for rain and storms to continually re-fire up, causing plenty of flooding headaches.

Well I have some good news if everything plays out just right, this should be the ninth consecutive weekend of nice weather.

The set-up:

The front causing all the flooding rains along the shore will get pushed out to sea later today at the same time the scattered storms caused by an approaching cool front will sweep any moisture away from the entire Delaware Valley in time for your escape to weekend happiness -- where all is well and not a boss to be found.

Saturday will feature a good amount of sunshine with temps in the 80s. Shore locations will see some early patchy, low clouds and fog, with a return to sunshine by noon.

Sunday is the tricky forecast day, I'm sure many of you are hearing showers and storms in your afternoon forecast...but not here! I’m thinking southwesterly flow aloft will slow down the front and any showers will -- or at least should -- hold off until evening at least.

Best chance of any scattered showers on Sunday will be well west of Philly before evening. Shore locations will remain rain free through the evening.

Caution as with head into next week

The atmosphere is setting up to become in a quasi-stalled pattern for Monday, Tuesday, and into early Wednesday morning.

A stalled front will be draped across the Delaware Valley (much like we saw Thursday along the shore points with all that rain). This will lead to a significant potential of flash flooding and street flooding as clusters of heavy showers and storms ripple through the entire region starting with Monday and continuing through Tuesday night. It’s early, but I don't like the look of this set-up, ripe for flooding concerns.