Powerball jackpot ready to skyrocket once again?

Jersey man wins twice: John Roland of Garfield, Bergen County, had two tickets that hit the Jersey Cash 5 drawing on Dec. 12, 2013. How? “I told the clerk my numbers for the first ticket. Then I filled out another bet slip with the same numbers and three other sets of numbers.”

The Powerball jackpot is back into fasten-your-seatbelts territory.

If no one hits Wednesday’s $284 million jackpot, expect it to zoom to $350 million or more, then possibly to $500 million or beyond next week.

In May, a $270 million Powerball jackpot rose to $350 million, and wound up worth $590 million when a Florida won the whole shebang. All within a single week.

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The more enormous jackpots grow, the crazier the playing public gets.

With the cash value is up to $162.7 million, next week the lump sum payout could be as big as the current annuity.

Saturday, no one matched all the numbers -- 24, 25, 34, 37 and 54, with a Powerball of 29 – though ten tickets in eight states missed only the Powerball.

They all won $1 million, except for two sold in California, which are worth $1,294,116 apiece under that state’s pari-mutuel system. Those two were sold in Sacramento and Moreno Valley.

New York sold two of the $1 million winners (in Brooklyn and Tarrytown), while New Jersey, West Virginia, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado each sold one.

The Jersey ticket was sold at Lakeview Deli Mart, 313 Lakeview Ave., in Clifton, Passaic County.

Mega Millions jackpot up to $122 million. The other major multistate lottery is on a roll of its own, its jackpot steadily growing since early January. No one matched all the numbers drawn Friday night: 11, 21, 23, 35 and 64, with a Mega Ball of 10. Only one ticket, sold in West Virginia, won $1 million for matching the first five. The cash jackpot -- the one almost everyone takes – is up to $67 million.

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