Feds: Bank manager charged in $95,000 fraud

Erlanda Naranjo

A former assistant bank branch manager used the personal information of a relative to obtain a line of credit that enabled her to steal more than $95,000, authorities said.

Erlanda Naranjo, 39, who was charged with bank fraud on Tuesday, worked at several Philadelphia-area branches of Citizens Bank between 2002 and 2007. According to federal prosecutors, Naranjo applied for a line of credit in 2006 for a fictional business and supplied falsified tax documents in order to secure the loan. The bank approved the application and mailed a congratulatory letter to Naranjo’s home address, according to court papers.

Naranjo allegedly took advances and incurred charges against the line of credit that were never repaid, causing the bank to lose $95,807.

More recently, Naranjo, who now lives in Nashville, Tenn., was snared in an unrelated sting operation. According to a Sun Sentinel report, police in South Florida lured Naranjo to Sunrise with the promise of a large quantity of cheap cocaine. Arrested on trafficking counts, she was sentenced to seven years probation.