Factors Announced To Determine Rolling Closures of Fire Companies

The Nutter administration expects to distribute a list next week of fire engine and ladder companies that will close on a rotational basis as part of the plan for rolling closures, according to Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Everett Gillison. He said the schedule of temporary closures would provide information for about a year.

“We are trying to give as much information upfront to people as we can,” Gillison said. He said the major caveat is that the fire commissioner and administration reserve the right to change or modify the schedule based on need or their judgment.

The administration will consider several factors in determining which fire companies close and when, including the size of the area covered by the engine or ladder company; the workload based on runs and EMS; the amount of time spent fighting fires in 2009; the proximity to other companies recently shut for a period of time; the capability of surrounding companies to respond; and the security of the firefighting facility itself.

Gillison also emphasized that the idea of rolling closures is not new. Typically, he said, up to five companies a day are not in service because of training needs – something that has happened for the past 35 years.

More details may come soon as Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers is meeting with reporters early tonight.

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