Suspended student faces arrest for online threat

A teen suspended recently from Masterman High School for allegedly bringing drugs to school is now wanted by police for allegedly threatening a teacher online.

The 16-year-old boy, whose name wasn't released, allegedly posted a photo of the teacher on his Instagram account with the caption: "Thousand Dolla' Bounty, there's money on her head," said Officer Leeloni Palmiero, a police spokeswoman. Police got a search warrant and seized the boy's cell phone, Palmiero said. "She believes the threats were in retaliation for his (suspension)," Palmiero said.

The teen allegedly was arrested Feb. 28 for bringing marijuana to the school at 17th and Spring Garden streets, Palmiero added. He faces a disciplinary hearing for that infraction and will be offered counseling, said school district spokeswoman Deirdre Darragh.