Cops: Upper Darby man took video of himself raping woman

Gaurave Kumar, 23, of Upper Darby, is charged with raping a woman and recording it on her mobile phone.

Gaurave Kumar is accused of raping his ex-girlfriend and using her phone to video the assault.

  • Pictures on the woman’s phone show her to have been passed out or unconscious.
  • He is being held in prison after being unable to post 10-percent of $25,000 bail.

A 23-year-old Upper Darby, Delaware County, man is accused of raping his ex-girlfriend and using her mobile phone to document the assault in an act of vengeance, according to police.

Gaurave Kumar, of the 500 block of Larchwood Ave., is charged with raping an unconscious victim, sexual assault, and invasion of privacy by taking video without consent, among other charges.

“You talk about being caught on camera,” said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood, who said the alleged assault was reported Sunday night.

Chitwood gave the following account:

The 23-year-old woman had been living with Kumar at his mother’s house while the two were still a couple. However, they had split up and the woman continued to live at the home. Eventually, the woman found a new boyfriend.

The new boyfriend was visiting the woman June 10 at the house when she suddenly became sick. The woman went to bed and fell soundly asleep.

Then, on Sunday, June 17, the victim and her new boyfriend were looking through pictures on her mobile phone. The woman was stunned to find video of her being “involved in sexual intercourse” with Kumar.

“She claimed the ex-boyfriend drugged her,” Chitwood said. “She said she never knew she had sex with him. And the pictures are pretty clear.”

Chitwood said the victim appears to be “passed out, unconscious” in the photos.

The woman called police who arrested Kumar, who admitted to the incident.

“I guess he was trying to get even with her,” Chitwood said. “And, to make a point, he used her phone. How dumb can you be?”

Kumar is being held in Delaware County Prison after being unable to post 10-percent of $25,000 bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 26.