Cops: Drunk man used martial arts moves on state trooper

A Virginia man is accused of busting out some martial arts moves and punching a state trooper in the face Wednesday at a Wilmington construction site.

Police said Hee Joo, 54, of Springfield, Va., shortly before 1 p.m. drove into a coned-off construction area and parked behind a state trooper stationed there.

Joo allegedly got out of his vehicle and began to bang on the window of the trooper’s fully-marked patrol car. 

The trooper got out and talked to Joo, who was hiding one hand under his jacket and speaking incoherently, according to investigators. Police said he appeared to be intoxicated.

When Joo began to walk back to his car, the trooper placed his hand on the man’s shoulder in an attempt to keep him from driving. 

Joo allegedly turned around and faced the trooper “while assuming a martial-arts stance,” Delaware State Police said in a news release.

Investigators said Joo again tried to walk back to his car and the trooper again tried to stop him. That’s when Joo allegedly lunged at the trooper and, for the second time, assumed a martial-arts stance.

Police said the move touched off “a lengthy struggle” during which the trooper deployed his Taser and Joo punched the officer in the face.

Once restrained, Joo was allegedly found to be in possession of two small knives. He was issued a traffic summons for driving under the influence of alcohol, drinking while driving and failing to provide insurance identification.

Joo was taken to Wilmington Hospital for a mental health evaluation. Police said they’ve obtained a warrant for his arrest and that, once released, Joo will be charged with second-degree assault against a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with force or violence, along with two counts of carrying a concealed dangerous instrument.

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