Bolaris: Old Man Winter is piling on!

A school crosswalk sign at Lansdale Catholic High School is mostly buried with snow. DAVID M WARREN / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

In football, "piling on" means a bunch of 300-pound football players jump on top of a player who is already down and out.

In life it could mean to be continually beat up in the literal sense when one finds him or herself already at one of their lowest points (been there... ).

This winter it's Mother Nature piling on with SNOW. And most of you are pounding your fist on the ground and crying "UNCLE"! Well with Tuesday morning's hit-and-run snow, we added another 3 inches, pushing the snow totals for this season to 58.4 inches, officially.

The winter of 2013-14 is now in sole possession of third place on the all-time list of snowiest winters, and closing in quickly on No. 2 - 1995-96 and its 65.5 inches of snow. That winter we picked up a record-smashing 30.7 inches of snow in a two-day span with the blizzard of Jan. 7-8.

I distinctly remember that one, as I was sipping a Corona on a beach in Mexico, when I received a phone call asking if I could make it back in 24 hours due to the pending blizzard. Dropped the beer, said goodbye to my friend and the next thing I know I'm driving down I-95 in a fully engaged blizzard with my shorts still on. Finally made it to WCAU studios on City Line Avenue, where my news director greeting me with a "what took you so long?" and then a hug. He got me some pants and a shirt, and I didn't leave the studio for 36 hours. Loved every minute of it, as anyone with a true passion for this field would tell you.

Now for the rest of this week: after some rain Wednesday morning. If the rain does arrive early enough, we stand the chance of minimal icing north and west of the city. Temperatures will rise into the 40s.

On Thursday a WARM front will push through to send temperatures above 50 degrees. This is my pick of the week.

Although on Friday we could see temperatures surge to 60 from the city and points south, a hefty amount of rain is possible along with a scattered thunderstorm that could lead to some flooding. Will watch that closely.

Weekend: Dry and cooler low-mid 40s. We'll take it!

John Bolaris