Bolaris: Get ready for a soaker of a weekend

Well, the good news is no mention of snow this weekend, however Mother Nature will give us her version of a weekend car wash - free of charge.

As you head out the door today grab your umbrella as it will become your best friend this weekend.

Milder temperatures will greet us as temperatures rise into the low 60s, but during the afternoon showers will arrive and should continue into your early evening rush. After 7 p.m. skies will dry out and your Friday night plans will go off rain-free.

Weekend set-up

A storm system moving out of the Tennessee Valley on Saturday will spread rain into the Delaware Valley starting first thing Saturday morning.

The storm will be along the North Carolina coast by Saturday evening pumping in a ton of Atlantic moisture as rain will come down heavy at times from late Saturday and well into the night.

The NAO (North Atlantic Oscillation) will be in a negative phase, which means a blocking pattern will set up, not allowing the storm to escape east off the coast.

Luckily for us all month the NAO was locked into a positive phase with no block, giving storms an escape hatch to move along and slip well off the coast.

This saved us from the super cyclone which formed on Tuesday and only grazed us, but produced 80mph winds for the capes of New England along with a foot of blinding snow. Wind gusts near the Maine coast were in excess of 115 mph with SNOW. That would match a category 3 hurricane but with snow!

This storm will slow down to a coastal crawl this weekend, meaning the rain will continue into Sunday but not as heavy or steady more occasional in nature.

Localized flooding on streets and highways will become problematic by Saturday night.

Temps, which will rise into the 60s today, will drop into the 40s both Saturday and Sunday with temperatures on Sunday the cooler of the two.

In summary, the only real dry period this weekend will be Friday night, and of course by Monday skies will clear as temperatures pop back up into the 60s.

I feel a cold coming on, don't you?

John Bolaris