Hungry bear breaks bird feeder in Burlco yard

Evesham Township police say a black bear wandered into a yard on Thursday, June 12, 2014. The bear is one of a number spotted around the Philadelphia region in recent weeks. (Courtesy of Evesham Township police)

It seems like bear-ly a day goes by without a wild-animal sighting in the Philadelphia region.

Yet another black bear has been spotted in the suburbs, this time in Burlington County.

Evesham Township police said late Thursday that a black bear got into the backyard of a home in the Sanctuary development.

The creature popped a toy ball and broke a bird feeder, getting into the food, police said.

The bear then wandered back into the wooded area behind the development.

A number of other bear sightings have been reported around the region in recent weeks, including in Camden, Bucks and Montgomery counties.

Bears are attracted to food near homes, so residents are encouraged to keep garbage, bird feeders and other potential food sources secure and inaccessible.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection advises residents to stop feeding birds during the bears' active spring period. Those who keep their bird feeders out should bring them inside at night, make sure the feeders are at least 10 feet in the air and clean up spills daily.

Anyone who sees the Evesham bear should call police at 856-983-1111. 

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