'Anti-police' fugitive who posted video nabbed at Market East


While awaiting trial on vehicular homicide charges, Wade Lohse walked out of a separate trial on gun charges against him in Lafayette, La., three weeks ago, creating a courtroom drama.

Two weeks after that, while still on the run, Lohse created a shaky conspiracy video of himself in a wooded area, Blair Witch style, in which he railed against authorities and the justice system. Then, he posted it to YouTube.

"They're lying to you," Lohse says of the government. "They've been lying to you all along."

Yesterday, Lohse's fugitive drama came to a surprise ending - at least for him - when he was captured by U.S. Marshals on the platform of the Market Street East Station around 2 p.m., said local U.S. Marshals supervisor Jim Burke.

"He was surprised to see us and didn't have a whole lot of time to react," Burke said.

Given Lohse's violent past, his criminal history and the 11-minute video rant he posted, Burke said aWuthorities in Louisiana warned Philadelphia authorities to be careful when taking Lohse in to custody.

"They said he's always armed, that he's very anti-government and anti-police and just to use extreme caution when dealing with him," Burke said.

Among Lohse's thoughts in the video he posted to YouTube are "unconstitutionality, misinformation and questions that still remain to be answered."

"Don't appease the public. Appease justice. Get justice correct," Lohse says in the video. "The problem is that you people (law enforcement officers) are going to make me look like a bad guy because you want them (the public) to be on your side when really the problem is that you're the bad people because you're going after people for no reason."

Luckily, Lohse was not armed when he was taken in to custody and the arrest went down without incident, Burke said.

Lohse, 43, has contacts in the Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey area, which is how he was traced here, according to Burke.

With a criminal record that dates back 25 years, Lohse is no stranger to the justice system. His previous convictions include carjacking, aggravated assault on police and weapons offenses. One of his convictions is for a 1996 burglary in Lower Merion Township, for which he was sentenced to one-and-a-half-to-five years in prison, according to court records.

Lohse was on trial in Lafayette for a charge of felon not to possess a firearm when he walked out of the Lafayette Parish Courthouse during a break on March 25 and never returned, Burke said.

Lohse has two other trials pending against him in Lafayatte, including a burglary trial and a trial on charges of vehicular homicide for the death of 29-year-old Cacie Barras McGrew on June 10.

On a Facebook page dedicated to McGrew, which turned into a "find this man" page when Lohse went on the lam, McGrew's family released a statement on yesterday's arrest.