So, now it's not rape?

Wow! Twice in one year!

First Mayor Nutter admitted he was wrong to shut down libraries during the (ever-lasting) budget crunch.

Now we have Montgomery County D.A. Risa Ferman admitting her staff screwed the pooch in reading a toxicology report. As a result of their error, she dropped charges against Robert Kerns, former Montco GOP leader, accused of raping a woman on the staff of his law firm.

Much of the case entwined the allegation that Kerns got the woman woozy and then plied her with Ambien, which knocked her out. But there was no Ambien in her blood stream.

Ambien or not, the woman still claims she was raped.

Kerns isn't off quite yet. Ferman is forwarding the case to state Attorney General Kathleen Kane, feeling Montco could not proceed with it because of the error.

Kerns needs to face the music in a court of law. I am not convicting him and I'm pretty sure his defense will be that the sex was consensual. (Current law pretty much holds that a drunk woman can't give consent.)

Whatever happens, Ferman did the right thing. Some D.A.'s would proceed with a prosecution even with tainted evidence.

Not only would, but have.