1 ticket wins $189 million in Mega Millions


Mega Millions has its biggest winner in a year and a half.

A ticket sold in Maryland hit Tuesday night's jackpot, worth $189 million as an annuity, about $126 million for the cash. Less taxes, of course.

The ticket matched all of the numbers drawn: 7, 10, 30, 37 and 53, with a Mega Ball of 1. It was purchased in Severn, a town a dozen miles south of Baltimore, at a Dash In convenience shop behind a Citgo at 7845 Quarterfield Road.

New Jersey sold one of the six tickets that matched all the numbers but the Mega Ball. The Jersey ticket, which won the usual $250,000, was sold in Monmouth County at Howell Bowling, 1002 Route 9 South, in Howell.

Two other second-tier winners were sold in California, while Arkansas, Massachusetts and Michigan sold one apiece. The usual prize of $250,000 can be bumped up to $1 million if the player also bought the Megaplier multiplier option.

The jackpot had been growing since the end of July.

In May, Mega Millions had a bigger jackpot -- $198 million -- but the two winning tickets were entitled to half. One was claimed by Joe Garofalo of Tinton Falls, N.J. The other half, won in Farmville, Va., has yet to be claimed.

Those two jackpots were the biggest since Mega Millions set the all-time U.S. jackpot record of $656 million in March 2012.

The jackpot reverts to $12 million for Friday's drawing, with a lump-sum payout of $8 million.

Tonight's Powerball jackpot is worth $70 million for the annuity, $40.1 million for the cash.

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