Shot officer on surgeries: 'I look like Frankenstein'

Officer Edward Davies (left) and shooting suspect Eric Torres.

A Philadelphia police officer described the controlled chaos in the crowded aisle of a Feltonville grocery as he and two other officers tried to subdue a struggling suspect.

For him, Edward Davies told a Philadelphia jury Monday, the struggle ended in a gunshot.

"I just heard a bang, and when I stood up, I felt up in my chest it was getting real hot, and my stomach got real hot, and when I looked down, I saw a hole in my shirt," Davies said.

Davies, 42, took the witness stand as the prosecution began the fourth day in the trial of Eric Torres on charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault in the 2013 incident.

A video taken inside Almonte Mini Market, 328 W. Annsbury St., about noon Aug. 13, 2013, shows Davies walking down a narrow aisle flanked by refrigerator cases and shelves stacked toward the ceiling with goods.

Davies is seen crouching toward another officer trying to control the kicking feet of Torres, who was face down on the floor, resisting attempts by the officer to get his hands from being tucked under his body in his waistband.

In the video, Davies suddenly stands, turns, and walks away. Another video picks up Davies at the front door of the bodega, where he starts to slump to his knees before the other officers help him get to a waiting police car.

"I just remember everything was so hazy," Davies told the Common Pleas Court jury of nine women and three men. "I was going in and out, staggering to get to the door."

The jury will have to decide which of two opposing versions of the shooting to believe.

Assistant District Attorneys Louis Tumolo and Ed Jaramillo maintain that Torres, 33, did what he set out to do - shoot a police officer.

Defense attorneys Eric Zuckerman and Catherine Berryman have argued that the shooting was accidental, that Torres was face down with his hands under him and could not have pulled the trigger or aimed his gun at anyone.

Torres ended up inside the Almonte market after a patrol officer stopped his 1998 BMW at Fifth Street and Allegheny Avenue for a broken taillight. He sped off but crashed into a wall near his house in the 400 block of West Raymond Street, after which he ducked into the bodega, followed by police.

Davies, a six-year veteran of the Police Department, is still recovering from his wounds, which resulted in the loss of a large amount of blood and a kidney, and has not returned to duty.

Davies, who walked to the witness stand leaning on a cane, said he was in a medically induced coma for three weeks and spent 37 days in the hospital. He has another procedure and surgery to go, he added, undergoes physical therapy three times a week, and has continuing pain in his right foot and leg, groin, and stomach.

"Basically, I look like Frankenstein, scars from head to toe," Davies told the jury. "I have a 3-year-old at home and I can't pick him up. . . . I'm depressed. My life has changed."

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