Thursday, December 25, 2014


What they like: Suits on the host committee. That's the group that would stage the convention here.

Why: Powerful business and political leaders reassure the party leadership that enough money can be raised to finance the event.

What they like: An effective shuttle system to move delegates from hotels to the convention arena.

Why: Slow, inefficient shuttle system at Democrats' conventions in Charlotte and Los Angeles annoyed attendees. Could be a problem in Brooklyn.

What they like: 17,000 hotel rooms, centrally located.

Why: Easy movement and access to amenities makes the convention fun. Philadelphia has 11,400 rooms in Center City and University City.

What they like: Mega-parking in the Wells Fargo and sports arena area.

Why: Lots of room for operations, party and media tents, VIP parking, and bus staging, within a big perimeter that can be secured.

What they like: Union employees at the convention arena, convention center, and some hotels.

Why: Organized labor is a big ally for Democrats.

- Jane M. Von Bergen
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