Thursday, January 29, 2015

Reminders on battling beast of addiction

BLINQ The Inquirer's front-page stories Tuesday about comedian/actor Robin Williams and Philly chef Michael Solomonov are reminders of the ruthless nature of the beast called addiction.

Williams' suicide, reported Monday, followed his recent visit to a Minnesota rehab. His lifelong battle with alcohol and drugs has been marked by long periods of recovery, interrupted by relapse. He also suffered from depression.

Solomonov, the chef at Zahav and a force behind Federal Donuts, went public this week about his recovery from addiction to heroin, crack, and booze. He told interviewers that he went to rehab, attends self-help meetings regularly, and has been clean for six years.

People who have battled addiction, are in recovery, or care about someone involved in either of these endeavors know that relapse is always possible. Addiction is a relentless foe, and recovery is a labor-intensive process. It's not an event.

There's no cure for addiction, and until there is, all sorts of people - Hollywood stars, culinary celebrities, ordinary Joes and Janes - will become alkies, addicts, or both. Some will never find recovery; some will find and keep it forever, and others, like me, will find, lose, and find it again.

So to my brother Robin Williams, RIP. And to brother Michael Solomonov, my best wishes. One day at a time.

yKevin Riordan,

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