Judge upholds decision to throw out Bensalem fire chief's suit

A federal judge this week denied a motion from a former Bensalem fire chief and his son to reconsider a civil rights case against several high-ranking township officials, including the mayor and head of police.

Judge Michael M. Baylson said in an opinion released Monday that the motion, filed by attorneys for David Jerri, Sr., and David Jerri, Jr., simply attempted to re-litigate the case, which Baylson had previously dismissed because of insufficient evidence supporting the Jerris' claims.

The Jerris had alleged that several Bensalem officials, including Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo and Public Safety Director Fred Harran, had targeted them for political retribution because the elder Jerri was an outspoken critic of township administration.

The Jerris had been seeking damages and their jobs back. Baylson dismissed the case in June.

- Chris Palmer