Ridley Creek Park Friends group is seeking volunteers

MEDIA The Friends of Ridley Creek State Park are looking for a few more ... friends, that is.

An open board meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Front Street Fountain in Media. The group is inviting prospective volunteers attending Dining Under the Stars, a weekly al fresco dining event held by local restaurants on Wednesdays, to join them at the fountain.

The nonprofit's mission is preserving, protecting, and enhancing the grounds, trails, and mansion house in the 2,600-acre state park, located primarily in Edgmont and Middletown Townships.

Members organize events, maintain trails, plant flowers near the mansion house, clear out invasive species, and help with fund-raisers.

"If you're in the park and see something that needs to be done, step up and volunteer for it," said Pamela Cloud, one of the group's members. - Mari A. Schaefer