SPCA: Baby alligators found in man's bathtub

The PSPCA rescued these baby alligators after Carl Tyler, 40, was charged with cruelty for neglecting dogs.

Humane-law officers investigating a Tioga man for failing to care for two dogs he left outside the Pennsylvania SPCA Friday discovered that he was illegally keeping two baby alligators in his home, the Pennsylvania SPCA reported Friday.

Carl Tyler, 40, of the 3600 block of North 21st Street, allegedly dumped the flea-infested dogs outside the SPCA's shelter Wednesday. Officers were able to track the dogs to Tyler's house.

Officers searched his house Friday night and discovered the alligators, which were confiscated and are expected to be transferred to a sanctuary next week. Tyler was charged with animal cruelty for failing to seek veterinary care for the dogs. - Robert Moran