Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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Raises come after contract ends

DISTRICT OFFICIALS have promoted and hired new personnel after abruptly ending its $3 million contract with transportation company Transpar Consulting Group, which oversaw the district's bus routes. The termination results in a $1 million savings for the district, sources told the Daily News.

Jeff Cardwell, the former senior vice president of facilities management and services, received a $15,080 salary jump, about 14 percent, after being named the deputy chief operations officer earlier this year, bumping his pay to $123,000.

Marvin Lee, former director of strategic and special programs, was promoted to director of procurement, and his annual salary jumped by $11,000 to $105,000.

Among the new hires are James Muller, who began his $75,345 job as automotive fleet manager on April 28, and John Farrell, who started May 12 as director of operations, earning $105,000 annually.

The employees were promoted after the contract ended in April because they had to pick up responsibilities that were handled previously by the contractor, a district official said.

- Regina Medina

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