Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Kindness of strangers will provide tombstone

WHEN EDWARD Christiansen III read in yesterday's Daily News that Maggie Davis could not afford a tombstone for her husband, who died in last year's building collapse, he was not only moved to tears - he was moved to action.

Christiansen, of Christiansen Memorials in Montgomeryville, Montgomery County, has offered to donate, engrave and deliver a tombstone for Salvation Army worker Borbor Davis, who is buried in Fernwood Cemetery in Lansdowne.

"I try, like the rest of the world, to do something when something touches my heartstrings," said Christiansen, who estimated the retail cost of such a donation at $2,400.

Fernwood Cemetery has offered to waive the $330 foundation fee. Secretary Michelle Schraepher said she received calls yesterday from several people wanting to help Davis.

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  • "I had goose bumps," Schraepher said. "There are good people in this world and sometimes they shine light upon us."

    State Rep. Brendan Boyle's office also contacted the People Paper, hoping to help Davis. A staffer at Boyle's office, Anthony Luker, will drive her to Montgomeryville today to pick out a tombstone for her husband.

    When told that her husband would finally receive a headstone, Davis said just two words: "Thank God."

    - Stephanie Farr

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