Friday, August 1, 2014
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Montco's Gregory Noonan resigns from the bar

LANSDALE Montgomery County lawyer Gregory Noonan, arrested in December on drug charges, has been disbarred and will be seeking treatment for an addiction problem, his attorney said.

Acting on a request by Noonan and the board responsible for disciplining lawyers, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court signed an order last week accepting Noonan's resignation from the bar.

Samuel C. Stretton, Noonan's attorney in this proceeding, said his client was trying to address problems in his life, beginning by seeking his own removal from the bar.

"That was the right thing to do," Stretton said. "Mr. Noonan is in the process of changing and reforming his life and dealing with his addiction issues."

Noonan, 53, of Lansdale, was accused of selling oxycodone to an undercover officer on Nov. 23, the day after a jury convicted one of his clients of illegally prescribing huge amounts of oxycodone and other drugs.

He was arrested on Dec. 23 and is being held at the Chester County Prison in West Chester. Charges against him included manufacturing, delivering, or possessing drugs. - Carolyn Davis

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