Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Spa owner is in your face, but in the best way

GABRIELA BARRANTES /STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Pore queen Mieloch says it´s time to spring-clean your face.
GABRIELA BARRANTES /STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Pore queen Mieloch says it's time to spring-clean your face.

NOT everyone is lucky enough to get an appointment with the owner of Center City's Rescue Spa, a trained nurse whose glowing cheekbones are a testament to her craft, and whose wait list stretches months long.

Among epidermal aesthetes, Polish-born beauty Danuta Mieloch is a miracle worker. She has cleansed, sloughed, masked, massaged and moisturized Philly's most discriminating beauty buffs (of course, she's not saying who), and has trained her staff to transform skin from saggy and sallow to taut and toned.

Rescue's known for its luxe products and treatments - including an hour-long facial that clients swear is as good as any face-lift. Now nearly 10 years old, the posh spot recently relocated to spacious, art-dappled digs at 16th and Walnut. Looking from the outside in, you might think Mieloch would try to sell regular folks $200 French face creams and $300 firming therapies. Instead, she tells Lauren McCutcheon: Just do to the simple stuff.


Q What should we all be doing for our skin?

Everybody should have a regimen. It takes about three minutes, together with brushing your teeth, to cleanse your skin and to put on moisturizer. The most important thing is commitment.


Q What about this time of year, when it's snowing one day, and warm the next?

Wintertime, skin's best friend is a rich moisturizer, which you load up on, layer like clothing. But it's about to be time to lighten up, do some exfoliation, time for spring cleaning. Right now, you should cleanse, exfoliate and protect.

And go outside. Take a walk for 10, 15 minutes. We're all vitamin D deprived right now. The change of seasons is also a great time for a facial.


Q Why should someone get a facial?

Facials are like going to see a personal trainer. You go time to time, because your routine might be off, and you just want to consult somebody who, like me, has been touching skin for 20 years. An aesthetician has an hour to tap into what you're doing.

A good aesthetician will ask, "What's your diet? Are you stressed? How are you sleeping?" It's more in-depth.


Q What's Rescue's best-selling product?

Our toner, P50 from Biologique Recherche. It's a fruit acid toner that's been around for almost 30 years.


Q Any other advice on staying beautiful, at any age?

I have a 98-year-old client. She buys our moisturizers and P50, but the most important thing she has going for her is her smile.

Work on the internal. You can have the best plastic surgery, but if you're not happy, it's going to show on your face.


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