Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Inquirer Daily News

Montco man charged in online threat

A Montgomery County man was charged Thursday with hacking into a neighboring family's wireless Internet to send a bomb threat to the Willow Grove Park Mall, which led to an FBI raid on the neighbors' home, federal prosecutors said.

David Barnhouse, 24, of Horsham, hacked his neighbors' Verizon FiOS WiFi last year as part of an ongoing feud between his family and the family that lived in the other half of their twin home, prosecutors said.

On June 20, Barnhouse left a bogus bomb threat on the Abington mall's website that led authorities to his neighbors' home, prosecutors said. The FBI raided the neighbors' home that night. Barnhouse was charged with that episode and with interfering with the investigation by encrypting his computer when FBI agents tried to seize it in November. - Robert Moran

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