Letters to the Editor

Light a candle for eight innocents

The world is outraged and mourns the deliberate murder of a 9-year-old girl in Tucson. We ask how this could happen, we scream for gun-control laws.

What then of the eight innocents slaughtered in Philadelphia ("Doctor faces eight counts of murder," Thursday)? Those murdered not by guns but by surgical instruments. Those whose photos will never be shown on TV or in newspapers.

Perhaps it is time society gives these babies their due dignity. If convicted, as part of his criminal sentencing, Kermit Gosnell should be required to pay for the appropriate number of pink and blue baby coffins, and for flowers, musicians, and a memorial service. Invite the world to witness the existence and demise of these innocents as they are laid to rest.

Let us at least light a candle in our homes for them tonight and say a prayer that they are not forgotten. They deserve that.

Hannah Dougherty Campbell


Who is to blame for this atrocity?

I watched the evening news in disbelief about one of the most horrendous crimes ever committed ("Doctor faces eight counts of murder," Thursday). Who is to blame for this atrocity? Was it the patients who went to this so-called doctor? The family and friends, who knew and didn't question or investigate what was happening? The staff? Where were the city, state, and federal inspectors whose duties are to investigate places that offer such services?

I am disgusted. There is no doubt that this doctor and his employees should be punished. My outrage is directed to all those who knew and did nothing to stop it.

Joe Gould


Vote won't restore GOP credibility

Republican credibility cannot be restored by a simple symbolic act of passing a motion in the U.S. House to repeal President Obama's healthcare law ("After a symbolic repeal vote, GOP girds for next phase," Thursday). This action, a carryover from their so-called mandate based on the outcome of the midterm election, is pure political theater, and not all that entertaining either.

If the Republican Party leadership really wants to restore their credibility, let them demonstrate leadership for a change. Let them demonstrate a real spirit of bipartisanship that works for the benefit of all American citizens, not just have a vote, or mere rhetoric, that supports their own narrow political self-interest. The American public would applaud such governance.

Ken Derow


Sister city in need of help

The story "Axes fall on public safety in Camden" (Wednesday) described Camden as "a crime-ridden city." That's true of some sections of Camden, but also true of parts of Philadelphia, as witnessed by the stranglings in Kensington. But you don't usually describe Philadelphia as "crime-ridden."

Instead of deriding Camden, local communities and the media should be offering support. Camden is part of the region's family, and right now the poor sister of the family needs help. The family needs to form a support network to rehabilitate this sister community and get her back on sound financial and social feet. New Jersey can only do so much.

Craig van Baal

Cape May Court House

Christie should help protect Camden

Camden already has a high crime rate. That rate could climb with the police force being reduced by 50 percent ("Axes fall on public safety in Camden," Wednesday). And reducing firefighters by a third could endanger both citizens and properties.

Gov. Christie should listen to the people of Camden so that innocent people will be protected from gun violence and also so properties and lives are kept safe from fires. There has to be a time of change in Camden, but keeping the police and firefighters at current levels would keep the city and its residents safer.

Nate Morris



Use of photo gives wrong impression

The photograph used with the editorial "Fractured history" (Monday) featured Evy Simon, who has been a guide with Centipede Tours for more than 15 years. The use of the photo gives the impression that Evy is involved in the lawsuit against the city and that she does not know Philadelphia history. This is completely untrue and does a great disservice to Evy, Centipede Tours, and our clients. Centipede Tours has been in business since 1974. Our guides go through a comprehensive training program, including a written exam, before being certified by us. All of our 25 guides are professional and "know their stuff."

Virginia Roberts

Michael Walsh

Centipede Inc.


TV's hysteria over snowstorms

During the TV news on Wednesday, an announcer said, "It looks like a good weekend to stay home." This is one of many baseless comments on the weather that cause organizations to unnecessarily cancel events, cause people to stock up on bread and milk, and in general disrupt planned good times.

I will not heed his unwanted advice and, instead, I will drive a mile to play poker on Friday, go out on the town on Saturday, and on Sunday go to church and later get together with friends to watch a football game.

Edwin Scully