2 critically hurt in Fairhill shooting

Two men are clinging to life after a violent shooting in Fairhill, police said.

Just before 8 p.m., a man driving a silver pickup truck pulled over on Cumberland Street near Lawrence and got out, seemingly waiting for something, said Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Seconds later, a Nissan Maxima drove past the man, who, without hesitation, fired at least 10 shots into the passing vehicle at point-blank range, Small said.

Two of those shots struck the Nissan’s 27-year-old passenger in the back of the head, and another two hit the car’s 23-year-old driver in his back and leg.

Both were taken to Temple University Hospital, where they remain tonight in “very critical condition” last night, Small said.

A police source said the two men are unlikely to survive their wounds.

The gunman fled in his pickup shortly after the shooting, Small said. By the time police arrived, nearly 100 people were milling around the bullet-riddled Nissan.  However, none of the bystanders gave statements to police, Small said, and investigators were still searching last night for witnesses.

The investigation is ongoing, Small said, but one thing is clear: It’s unlikely that this was an accident.

“You don’t have 10 stray bullets strike one vehicle,” Small said.

No information on a motive is available, and there is no description available of the shooter, other than the car he was driving.