Our city’s growing sense of neighborhood unity was documented by Evening Bulletin photographer Bruce Murray Jr. in the amazing photo below. This shot of nearly 140 neighbors — on a South Philly block that undoubtedly sent many men to war — conveys the remarkable skill of a man who captured the essence of hope with one click, long before the dawn of digital photography. The photo is one of hundreds pulled from various archives in Philadelphia to tell the story of the post-war city in the third installment of the documentary series, "Philadelphia: The Great Experiment - Promise for a Better City.” Click here to read Sam Katz's opinion piece from the Sunday Currents section. If you can identify the street where this picture was taken, or know anyone in the photo, send us an e-mail at, or leave a message at 267-324-5381. To see this and other great photographs, watch the upcoming episode at 7:30 p.m., Jan. 24, on 6ABC.

South Philadelphia scene (mouse over photo to zoom...)