What's going on with Carl Greene?

On Aug. 13, 2010, it was reported that Carl R. Greene, then executive director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority, had failed to pay his mortgage for five months. News then surfaced about six sexual harassment claims filed against Greene in recent years, as well as allegations that senior staffers were expected to pay for parties and gifts in Greene's honor.

After a week underground, Greene emerged to deny the charges. He said that he had caught up with his mortgage payments and that his personal financial problems were not a reflection of troubles at PHA. On Aug. 26, the PHA board suspended Greene, who filed suit in an attempt to keep his job.

On Sept. 23, The PHA's Board of Commissioners fired Greene for his alleged sexual harassment of four female subordinates, ending his 12-year reign as the city's autocratic yet highly acclaimed public-housing czar.

 — Staff