Paoli's modern Septa-Amtrak terminal inches closer

In Pennsylvania, Home of Too Much Government, also Not Enough -- especially in suburban Philadelphia, where homeowner property taxes already approach $10,000 a year, mostly for fancy public schools -- you can't fix a bridge without struggling for years. even decades, with township/borough, county, transportation authority, state and federal processes, requirements, budgets, objections, environmental impact reports, refusals.

Paoli, the Tredyffrin Township hub of Philadelphia's biggest suburban Septa train line and node for the Amtrak rail connection and Philadelphia International Airport limo services that serve the impressive but aging Great Valley office corporate complex, is stuck with a squat, inconvenient station on not nearly enough parking, which has been the subject of renewal proposals, state RACP funding offers, studies, pleas, recommentations, for more than a decade.

A better station, using the old adjacent rail yard (decontaminated from P.R.R. PCBs), could greatly increase ridership and spur renewal of the adjacent Paoli business district. Read the latest version at PhillyPlan here.