Main Line Y target price: $2.5M

Target price: $2.5 million. For Sale: 50+-year-old community center, 27,000 sq ft, with gym, indoor swimming pool, fitness center, offices, dance studios, classrooms, on nearly 2 acres, with parking.

It's the old Main Line YMCA, 100 St. George's Road, Ardmore, walking distance to the Paoli Local and Suburban Square, the world's first suburban shopping mall (check it out in the Guiness book) with its upper-middle-end chain stores (Trader Joe's, J. Crew, Apple), and the Lancaster Ave. business district.

John Susanin, who shares the listing and Adam Gillespie of Philadelphia's own SSH Real Estate, says they'll be contacting interested bidders soliciting offers later this year. The Y is supposed to move to its new grounds in Haverford Township in September.