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      Community Futurism: An Evening Curated By Moor Mother
    • Friday, March 17, 2017
    • The evening features two sets by Moor Mother, working under the theme of Community Futurism, in collaboration with Black Quantum Futurism and the Community Futures Lab. The first set includes live improv with drums, saxophone, bass, synth, and text. The second features music from the album Fetish Bones as well as unreleased songs by Moor Mother. Artists include Rasheedah Phillips, Madam Data, Keir on sax, Philip on drums, and George and Steve on bass.
      Morton Feldman's Three Voices
    • Friday, April 21, 2017
    • Three Voices, written in 1982 for Joan La Barbara, was the last solo vocal piece Feldman wrote before his death in 1987 (For Stefan Wolpe, dedicated to his composition teacher and written for chorus and two vibraphones, post-dates it). It sets part of Wind, a poem by his friend Frank O'Hara that had been dedicated to him and which he had set earlier in its entirety in The O'Hara Songs (1962) for bass-baritone. Conceived as a trio for the one voice, with two pre-recorded parts and one to be performed live, the score is conventionally notated (all parts are written out with precise rhythms and pitches, though often in differing metres) but is beguilingly short on some details. There is, for example, no tempo indication, no vowel specified for the many lengthy passages without text, no dynamics bar but an initial ppp, and no guidance as to which voice should be the "live" one. Writing later about Three Voices, Feldman said: "One of my closest friends, the painter Philip Guston, had just died; Frank O'Hara had died several years before. I saw the piece with Joan in front and these two loudspeakers behind her. There is something kind of tombstoney about the look of loudspeakers. I thought of the piece as an exchange of the live voice with the dead ones - a mixture of the living and the dead."