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Laurel Hill Cemetery
3822 Ridge Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19132
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      Victorians After Dark: A Young Friends Event
    • Thursday, August 3, 2017
    • Scandal, scorned lovers and 1850s sexts: if only the editors of Page Six had been alive in the 1800s. Join Laurel Hill tour guide Alexis Pedrick for a wild ride through 19th-century gossip as she shares some of the cemetery's most infamous Victorian-era tales. From the painter who earned the ire of his students' spouses to the tragic mystery of the handsomest man in Laurel Hill, this tour covers love, lust and all of the drama in between. Afterward, you'll get a crash course in Victorian flirting tips, toast to the game of love, and peruse the 19th-century version of Tinder, because while a great love story may make you smile, good gossip will keep you laughing.
      From Deutschland to Deadland: Historic Germans/Laurel Hill
    • Sunday, August 6, 2017
    • Since its founding in 1682, German immigrants have played an important role in the development of Philadelphia. This summertime walking tour will include visits to the final resting places of prominent Germans, including military heroes, industrialists, politicians and nobility. Attendees will learn about German culture and history, concluding with a bier sampling of German-style beers. Visitors may even learn to speak a little Deutsch.
      Laurel Hill: The Hot Spots & Storied Plots
    • Saturday, August 12, 2017
    • In life and in death, we all have stories to tell, and what better place to hear tales of wonder than Philadelphia's most famous home of the dead? Join Laurel Hill Cemetery for an informative overview of Laurel Hill's long and colorful history, which will include many of the marble masterpieces, stunning views and legendary stories that afford the cemetery its wow factor. This is the perfect tour for first-time visitors to Laurel Hill, and anyone else who enjoys beautiful art, scenic nature and fascinating history. "The Hot Spots and Storied Plots" will be presented monthly as part of Laurel Hill Cemetery's Fourth Friday and Second Saturday tour series.
      Annual Hearse & Professional Vehicle Show
    • Saturday, August 12, 2017
    • The Mohnton Professional Car Club welcomes owners of any and all hearses, ambulances, flower cars, limousines and other service vehicles to participate in the annual Hearse and Professional Vehicle Show on the grounds of Laurel Hill Cemetery. Join an eclectic collection of rare cars that include FYNLRYD, a 1947 modified Pontiac Superior, which is believed to be one of just two known street-rod hearses on the East Coast. Punk/Goth bands The Undead and Night Gallery will provide music throughout the afternoon.
      Cinema in the Cemetery: House on Haunted Hill
    • Friday, August 18, 2017
    • Pack a picnic, gather some friends or a date, and enjoy an evening under the stars. As the sun sets over Laurel Hill's historic tombs, the grainy joys of the film experience are brought to life during the cemetery's annual summertime movie series. August's feature film will be the horror classic "House on Haunted Hill," produced in 1959 and starring the one-and-only merchant of menace, Vincent Price. Bring your own blankets or beach chairs, picnics and/or beverages.
      Yoga in the Cemetery
    • Saturday, August 19, 2017
    • Enjoy a one-hour yoga session set against the peaceful backdrop of Laurel Hill. All levels of experience welcome.
      Gone, But Not Forgotten: Crafts & Curiosities
    • Saturday, August 26, 2017
    • Peruse a curated collection of unusual antiques, assorted oddities, vintage items, artwork and handmade wares at this outdoor market of the macabre. Taking place in the most fitting of venues - a 181-year-old Victorian cemetery - visitors will have the opportunity to explore their morbid curiosity, in addition to Laurel Hill's scenic grounds and rich history. The afternoon will include music, specialty cocktails and food from local vendors; bring cash. Victorian and/or steampunk attire is encouraged.
      Titans of Industry
    • Sunday, August 27, 2017
    • From the early days of the republic through the Gilded Age, Laurel Hill hosts some of America's most interesting and successful commercial giants. Making fortunes can be messy business, though, and this tour will reveal some of the gritty stories behind the beautiful and elaborate monuments of the corporate elite.
      South of the Bridge: Cemetery Exploration
    • Wednesday, August 30, 2017
    • Laurel Hill's most remote, southern portions - and the many notable stories, intricate stones and beautifully peaceful surroundings that comprise it - often go unexplored by the traditional visitor. As dusk approaches, tour attendees will have the opportunity to explore the many hidden gems and little-known secrets of Laurel Hill's southernmost sod. Bring your cameras and comfortable walking shoes, as this tour will go off the beaten path. Light refreshments and cocktails will be served in the historic Gatehouse following the tour.