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      OC87 Recovery Diaries: Preview Screening & Panel Discussion
    • Tuesday, October 10, 2017
    • The discussion around mental illness in America is often defined by ill-informed messages of violence, diagnoses and despair. OC87 Recovery Diaries is a powerful film that seeks to change that dialogue by introducing us to real and extraordinary individuals living with mental health challenges. Join us for a preview screening with film directors and producers Bud Clayman and Glenn Holsten and meet some of the brave individuals featured in the film. Then, and engage in a dialogue about what it really means to live, work and thrive with mental health challenges. OC87 Recovery Diaries is a film about people, not diagnoses. The film is a collection of beautifully told short stories that inspire and empower while generating discussion and awareness in an effort to dismantle stigma. Meet a young woman with Asperger's syndrome who finds strength through her love of horses, a Marine with PTSD who recovers through jiu-jitsu, staff members at a psychiatric hospital who grew closer together while producing a play and many others.