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480 S. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19146
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      Philadelphia Theatre Company: Found
    • Sunday, December 4, 2016
    • For years, Emmy-winning filmmaker and NPR contributor Davy Rothbart's Found Magazine has presented hundreds of weird, wonderful, hilarious and disturbing real-life notes in the pages of its beautifully packaged publication. Now, Found comes to Suzanne Roberts Theatre in a charming musical adaptation from Philadelphia Theatre Company. Remounted following its acclaimed off-Broadway run, "Found" is based on Rothbart's own trials and travails running his provocative periodical. After discovering a funny note on his car windshield that was meant for someone else, main character Davy becomes obsessed with the lost human-made ephemera that surrounds us every day. But when he self-publishes his findings in a magazine that quickly becomes hugely popular, Rothbart loses the trust of the people closest to him and must throw his own story into the mix to make amends. Loaded with winning songs, memorable characters, and real letters culled from Rothbart's collection, "Found" is a humorous exploration of the beautiful strangeness in everyone.