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    • Sunday, September 24, 2017
    • Book by Joe Masteroff. Based on the play by John Van Druten and stories by Christopher Isherwood. Music by John Kander and lyrics by Fred Ebb. Originally Co-directed and Choreographed by Rob Marshall and Directed by Sam Mendes. Directed by Matthew Decker. September 21 - October 22, 2017, on the F. Otto Haas Stage. "There was a cabaret, and there was a Master-of-Ceremonies and there was a city called Berlin in a country called Germany. It was the end of the world...and I was dancing with Sally Bowles and we were both asleep..." Welcome to the Kit Kat Club, the hottest nightspot in 1929's seedy and sinful Berlin. American writer Cliff Bradshaw travels to Germany in search of inspiration and pleasure, and finds both in nightclub performer Sally Bowles. However, outside the club's doors, the Nazis' impending rise to power threatens to splinter their decadent lifestyle. Featuring one of Broadway's most memorable scores, Cabaret kicks off the Arden's 30th Anniversary Season by transforming the F. Otto Haas Stage into the Kit Kat Club.
      Seventy IV Seconds... To Judgement
    • Sunday, September 24, 2017
    • GoKash OnSTAGE in residence at the Arden presents the world premiere of "Seventy IV Seconds... To Judgment." What is "Justifiable Homicide"? What roles do paranoia, race, and fear play in a split decision to kill? Should social class, personal histories, or individual assumptions factor into a months' long evaluation of justice? Is there enough space for the application of law in a killing which takes seconds to commit? Who are we, who decide? How are we to decide? In the next installment of his justice series, "Seventy IV Seconds... To Judgment," Kash Goins introduces us to a jury of 6 who have been deadlocked for over a week. In an attempt to uncover the truth buried in the facts as presented in the case, the youngest juror who is not much different than a central figure in the killing, offers a unique tactic. An exercise purposed to move the jury beyond feelings which are buried beneath the cover of what they've come to accept as their personal truths. To be heard. To listen. To process the law as instructed. Directed by Amina Robinson. First preview 9/6/17, all shows Thurs. thru Sun. thereafter.
    • Thursday, October 19, 2017
    • A new musical comedy about love, sex, and the fantasy at the other end of the line... It's 1999, the cusp of a new millennium, and technology promises intimacy as well as anonymity. Christine and her fiancé Justin wander into this titillating world of role-play, secret delights, and shifting identities; but who will they be when they come out again? (And will they recognize themselves?)
      Peter Pan
    • Wednesday, November 22, 2017
    • Adapted for the Stage by Douglas Irvine, from the books by J.M. Barrie. Directed by Whit MacLaughlin. On the F. Otto Haas Stage, November 22 - January 28. Ever since J.M. Barrie's story first appeared in 1904, countless versions have been produced on stage and in film. Now, Arden Children's Theatre presents a brand-new production that celebrates the joy of storytelling and the power of imagination. Join Peter on his adventure to Neverland, a magical island where there are no parents, no chores, and fairies and pirates rule! Introduce your children and grandchildren to the characters you loved from J.M. Barrie's timeless masterpiece: Wendy Darling, Tinker Bell, Captain Hook, a horde of mischievous Lost Boys, Nana the dog, and - last but not least - a very hungry, ticking crocodile.