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Temple University - Tyler School of Art
2001 N. 13th St. Philadelphia, PA 19122
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      Art Market at Tyler
    • Friday, October 13, 2017
    • Art Market at Tyler is a non-profit art and craft fair designed to support the regional arts community by providing artists, artist collectives, students, and businesses who serve artists a venue for sale of work, self promotion and networking. We provide an easily accessible space for holiday shoppers and collectors to find new works by emerging and established artists. Visitors will enjoy complimentary food and drinks from Victory Brewing Company during our "Crafts & Drafts" happy hour, and access to participate in maker classes and watch demonstrations. Art Market at Tyler is promoted heavily by Temple University as a signature event for Homecoming Weekend's "Night of the Arts". Complete schedule with information for buyers, party goers and looky-loos coming soon. Any and all individual artists, groups and guilds are encouraged to apply. There are multiple ways to participate in Art Market. See which one works for you. Please e-mai with any questions. To apply: