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      Andy Warhol: The Pop Image Subverted
    • Friday, February 24, 2017
    • "Andy Warhol: The Pop Image Subverted," a new exhibit at Haverford College's Marshall Fine Arts Center, will celebrate several of the artist's most iconic works. Starting Jan. 27, 15 prints will be on display from the College's permanent collection, including eight from the "Flowers" series, seven "Marilyn Monroes," a "Grace Kelly" tile, and a "Brillo Soap Pad." These silkscreen prints are just some of the 26 Warhols in the College's collection, and they will be displayed together to provide insight into how the artist transformed pop culture images into Pop Art.
      Sean Chen, Pianist
    • Sunday, February 26, 2017
    • In 2013 Sean Chen became the first American to garner a Cliburn International Piano Competition prize since 1997, winning fans with his "exceptional ability to connect with an audience combined with an easy virtuosity" (Huffington Post). Also the 2013 Christel DeHaan Classical Fellow, he is an advocate of new music and has collaborated with Michael Williams, Niccolo Athens, Michael Gilbertson, and Reinaldo Moya.
      Migrants, Refugees & National Security
    • Tuesday, February 28, 2017
    • Amy Pope is the outgoing Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Homeland Security Advisor on the National Security Council staff of the White House. In that position, Ms. Pope was responsible for leading teams of senior United States government officials to develop and implement solutions for some of the most challenging issues facing the country: from countering terrorism and violent extremism to promoting travel and regular migration to managing the President's comprehensive effort to combat Zika, Ebola, and other public health threats. Prior to this position, Ms. Pope led the Transborder Security Directorate.