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Warming up the 2011 Philadelphia Folk Festival crowd for a Give & Take Jugglers performance, Eric tossed his green conical hat to the audience, pantomiming that someone should toss it back.
Crystal States is crafty, so naturally, she's planning to make a lot of the elements for her September nuptials.
Hello there In November 2012, Barbara left her home in Mount Laurel for the Iron Hill Brewery in Maple Shade, hoping the man she'd...
Hello there Every session of eighth-grade social studies at Newtown Junior High was another chance for Justin, whose family had moved...
Hello there A new degree in interior design from Philadelphia University in hand and a new job in Manhattan secured, Heather Ann took...
Hello there Jack and Neha exercised at the same Center City CrossFit and knew each other by first name. Based on interactions during...
Hello there On New Year's Day 2012, Cliff waited for Richard by the Christmas tree at 30th Street Station. They had "e-met" in an Internet chat room six months prior, and had spent a good part of every day since talking - even when the Martell Group, Cliff's production, marketing, and sales company, took him time zones away.
Question: My daughter was just officially engaged. She booked a venue to coincide with an annual family event next summer and sent in the deposit.
As Kevin and Denise Ferrero of East Falls left their September wedding in their "Just Married" helicopter - Kevin's a pilot and their theme was aviation - the getaway was captured from the air. Then the camera panned the idyllic scene below, a pristine Perkasie lake sparkling in the setting sun and surrounded by lush green meadows.
With separates' fancy arrival on the bridal fashion scene this year comes an even more exciting down-the-aisle development. The trendlet Pants - in skinny, cigarette silhouettes; wide-legged shapes; and chic jumpsuits - are becoming increasingly acceptable as part of the bride's ceremonial weekend wardrobe: for rehearsal dinners, receptions, and post-ceremony brunches. The bravest
So your wedding ceremony is at a cathedral, but your reception is a hoedown at a farm. Or your nuptials will be performed by a justice of the peace, and the celebration is an intimate dinner for friends and family at a swank restaurant.
Hello there On Memorial Day weekend 2011, Rachel and her lifelong friend Sarah had a hotel room in Stone Harbor and evening plans in Avalon.
Hello there It was Valentine's Day 2011, and Alexis and Kevin were separately ensconced in the "I-hate-this-lame-faux-holiday-grrr!" camp. Under protest, Alexis' friend Meg got her to leave her Northern Liberties apartment for a house party at the Chestnut Hill home of another friend named Meg.
Meghan was at an off-campus party in another Widener University student's basement. So was a guy she'd gone out with a few times, but was just not interested in.
Question: When a woman marries a man, it is usually love. If she decides to take his last name as her unhyphenated surname, has no children from the marriage and then decides to divorce her once-enamored because she no longer loves him, or for other reasons - why does she keep his name?
Hello there Rachel hadn't planned on going out that mid-January night in 2012, but girlfriends Meredith and Casey persuaded her with the news that Rob, whom they'd all known since their summers at Camp Nock-A-Mixon, was coming.
Adapted from a recent online discussion. Question: I have two weddings coming up soon, back-to-back. Both are far away. I've more or less committed to going to one. The other one I could afford to go to, but I'm not sure I want to, given the cost of the two combined. Is it bad form to go to one but not the other? I value both friends equally, and both are invited to each other's weddings. I feel like hurt feelings, or an empty wallet, are inevitable.
Hello there Tarik grew up in Bustleton, but for several years, the family nurse-practitioner lived in Washington and worked for the district's Department of Disability Services.
Adapted from a recent online discussion. Question: A co-worker of mine is getting married and invited me to her wedding. I sent what I thought was a nice gift off her registry that cost about $60. We are in the same role at our office and make approximately the same amount of money (and are fair
Hello there Kara and J.Mike grew up in Lansdale, attended North Penn High School, and ran in overlapping circles of friends, yet graduated without knowing much about each other.
Hello there Teresa accepted a New Year's Eve invitation from Lauren, her friend from Roxborough School of Nursing. It wasn't just about ringing in 2011.
Hello there Katie, who is from Mount Laurel, studies exercise, sports science, and nutrition at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. She's also a center midfielder for the U of U's soccer team.
Hello there "Pizza cutter? Oven mitt? Who is this guy?" Ileana asked herself. Then she called her aircraft-part manufacturing company's new engineer, freshly arrived from the U.S., to tell him his belongings had arrived. "You know, we do have pizza cutters in Mexico," she couldn't resist adding.
Hello there Samantha, raised in North Wales, met her friend Adam in class at Penn State's Altoona campus. Then, at a 2008 weekend party in State College, she met Adam's older brother, Mike.
Hello there One night after work in October 2011, Jason, his buddy Chip, and another friend figured they'd grab a beer at Mike's York Street Bar & Grill in Warminster - Jason's hometown.
Planning your wedding is such an exciting time, but you shouldn't go into it blindsided! Check out these great tips from Brides now before you start...