Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Hello there In 2006, Zupenda and Randy were doctoral students in Drexel University's public-health program, and a budding friendship...
Rachel was an online-dating veteran, tired of sustaining the required effort, which had yielded nothing worth mentioning. The profile...
Stefania arrived at Fred's hospital room with a pan of hot lasagna, her homemade show of support for her friend and his family. Fred's...
Question: My brother is getting married to a woman I despise. She talks to my brother like he is garbage and manipulates every situation...
From the archive of Carolyn Hax's columns. Question: My (much) younger sister's boyfriend is planning to propose on her 21st birthday...
Officiant: Pastor Francois Lacroix, Wallingford Presbyterian Church, Wallingford. Venue: Treno Pizza Bar, Westmont, N.J. Food: Treno; Cake: Gift of Carrie L. Salsbery, Cherry Hill.
Hello there Their friendship began in homeroom at Arcola Intermediate School. By the time they reached Methacton High, Rachel and Ben did everything together.
Warming up the 2011 Philadelphia Folk Festival crowd for a Give & Take Jugglers performance, Eric tossed his green conical hat to the audience, pantomiming that someone should toss it back.
Crystal States is crafty, so naturally, she's planning to make a lot of the elements for her September nuptials.
Hello there Every session of eighth-grade social studies at Newtown Junior High was another chance for Justin, whose family had moved from Lower Moreland to Richboro the previous year, and Erica, who had lived in Newtown all her life, to talk. But after school, his most important friendships remained those he'd made in Lower Moreland.
Hello there Jack and Neha exercised at the same Center City CrossFit and knew each other by first name. Based on interactions during class, she thought he was "out there, loud, funny, and obviously very strong." He thought - so erroneously - that she was quiet and shy.
Question: My daughter was just officially engaged. She booked a venue to coincide with an annual family event next summer and sent in the deposit.
As Kevin and Denise Ferrero of East Falls left their September wedding in their "Just Married" helicopter - Kevin's a pilot and their theme was aviation - the getaway was captured from the air. Then the camera panned the idyllic scene below, a pristine Perkasie lake sparkling in the setting sun and surrounded by lush green meadows.
With separates' fancy arrival on the bridal fashion scene this year comes an even more exciting down-the-aisle development. The trendlet Pants - in skinny, cigarette silhouettes; wide-legged shapes; and chic jumpsuits - are becoming increasingly acceptable as part of the bride's ceremonial weekend wardrobe: for rehearsal dinners, receptions, and post-ceremony brunches. The bravest
So your wedding ceremony is at a cathedral, but your reception is a hoedown at a farm. Or your nuptials will be performed by a justice of the peace, and the celebration is an intimate dinner for friends and family at a swank restaurant.
Meghan was at an off-campus party in another Widener University student's basement. So was a guy she'd gone out with a few times, but was just not interested in.
Hello there Katie, who is from Mount Laurel, studies exercise, sports science, and nutrition at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. She's also a center midfielder for the U of U's soccer team.
Hello there Alphabetical order landed Rowland Bennett in the seat in front of Linda Brady in Mrs. Murphy's eighth-grade social studies class in Rochester, N.Y., in 1953.
Adapted from a recent online discussion. Question: I have been dating my boyfriend for almost four years. When we met, he told me he was separated, and I later learned they still lived together due to financial reasons. Reportedly, the reason for the separation was that she had a years-long affair. The first couple of years were ridiculous: He wasn't completely honest with me, I accused him of lying to me about being separated, etc.
Hello there In winter 2005, Ccelli ran Black Out Records in Pennsgrove and needed a female vocalist. He posted as much on Myspace, and Jodie replied.
Hello there Michael had only recently moved to Baltimore to teach high school band when his colleague the choir teacher suggested he drop in on the voice lesson she was giving.
“Everyone’s getting married!” How many times have you heard or said that lately? While weddings are always a good time, there’s...
Hello there Hezekiah agreed to a double date with Leashia as a favor to a Villanova University football teammate, who was seeing a friend of hers.
The June wedding season has come and gone, but this time of year is incredibly popular for weddings—just ask Brad and Angelina. Last year I found...
"This is never going to work," Danielle told herself, taking in Matt's collar-length hair and deep green eyes.