Saturday, January 31, 2015


Adapted from a recent online discussion. Question: I did some research and found my perfect wedding venue: not expensive, halfway between his family and mine, lodging on site, in the woods. . . . I got all excited about it and told a girlfriend of mine. She has been engaged for over a year, and they have been saving for the ceremony.
He can't get past his first love
Once you've said "Yes!" to a marriage proposal, the grueling wedding planning begins. The first step every bride-to-be should take is creating a wedding...
October 19, 2014, in Flourtown
Hello there The smoked salmon started it. A group of friends had dinner in Doylestown one spring evening in 1991. Somebody invited Lori, someone else invited Linda. Only the two of them wanted that particular appetizer, so they shared it, talking over the plate and enjoying their talk as much as the food.
Love: From marching in a Gay Pride Parade to forever
October 25, 2014, in Pennsburg
Hello there Colleen logged on to Facebook one 2011 evening and found a friend request from someone she sort of knew during her days at George Washington High School in Northeast Philadelphia.
Love: ‘We noticed a connection right away’