Thursday, March 5, 2015
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Balloon Expeditions

Drift along with the wind to see what the birds see, tree tops rustling beneath as you take in a golden sunset. Feel the thrill of climbing a half-mile into the sky, suspended beneath a colorful hot air balloon. Take in the breathtaking views that stretch from the Philadelphia skyline all the way to New York City, with the Delaware Water Gap in between. Just remember to relax and enjoy the hour long ride. When ballooning, the trip is the destination — you never know where you’re going till you get there.

Balloon Expeditions
Nearby Venues
  • Audrey Claire
  • The Marlin
  • Byblos
  • Chabaa Thai Bistro
  • The University of the Arts
  • Strasburg Railroad
  • Germantown Avenue, Chestnut Hill
  • Balloon Expeditions
  • Batona Hiking Club of Philadelphia
  • Easter “Egg-stravaganza” at Peddler's Village
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