Thursday, April 2, 2015
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Christ Church

The Experience
A wonderful example of Georgian Colonial architecture, Christ Church is bordered by a tree-lined brick path, small park and a cobblestone alley, which provide the perfect setting for this historic treasure. The tower and steeple made it the tallest building in America until 1856. The pulpit was crafted in 1769 by John Folwell, who also made the Rising Sun Chair in Independence Hall. The 600-year-old baptismal font arrived in 1697 from England, where it had been used to baptize William Penn. William White, ninth rector of Christ Church, chaplain of the Continental Congress and first Bishop of Pennsylvania of the newly formed Episcopal Church, is buried in the chancel. History The parish was founded in 1695; this building was constructed between 1727 and 1744. Benjamin Franklin raised money for the tower and steeple, added in 1754. By 1758, the parish had grown so large that St. Peters was established at 3rd and Pine Streets for members who lived in Society Hill. When National Days of Prayer were declared, President Washington and the legislative bodies attended Christ Church en masse.

Christ Church
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