Monday, September 1, 2014
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Shore Guide

SEASIDE HEIGHTS - The only cameras left in the famed Shore Store here are small and silver - standard security measures in most retail stores.
STONE HARBOR - Wawa Flo is on a break. A cig break, is what the @WawaFlo Twitter feed would say. That's not actually Flo's Twitter feed, but one run by her fans. Of which there are many. They also call her Florence of Wawa. She's worked at the Stone Harbo
STONE HARBOR - In the old days, the surfers tended to keep their distance from the sisters. The nuns of Villa Maria by the Sea generally limited their daily beach time to between 1 and 3. Because the order owned the 111th Street beach, it paid for lifeguards only during those hours.
A Jersey Shore hotel accused of post-Sandy price gouging has agreed to pay $65,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by the state Division of Consumer Affairs.
A seminar that teaches attendees how to grow their own marijuana is coming next weekend to Atlantic City, a town that has broken ground before by dabbling in vices.
Mike Dolio has a lot of backers. He's just a college kid - Villanova School of Business - but as a sophomore in high school, he took ownership of Uncle Mike's Arcade in Sea Isle, partnering with that venture capital firm known as "mom's money." This summer Dolio, 21, of Springfield, Delaware County, got a high-powered internship on Wall Street.
CAPE MAY - Ten miles from the dock and getting close to the 21/2-hour mark of a three-hour whale-watching excursion, captain Jeff Stewart needed to turn the big red Cape May Whale Watcher around and head toward the shoreline if the boat was to make it back on schedule.
The Atlantic City Alliance acknowledged Thursday that the crowd in the photo of the Lady Antebellum beach concert used in full-page newspaper ads to promote the resort had been digitally altered and contained repeated images of some of the same people.