Gadget Guru: Sun's Tea Double-Wall Borosilicate Glass Tea Tumbler

Suns Tea Double-Wall Borosilicate Tea Tumbler can be used for iced drinks as well as hot ones, and you won’t feel the cold or heat through the wall.

The market is brimming with newfangled thermal tumblers that promise a better, more ergonomically graspable hot drink on the go.  But the majority are made of stainless steel or some plastic composite, which can spoil the taste, and I can’t wrap my lips around the invariably thick rims of the containers or the slats in lids that seem downright unwelcoming to the shape of the human mouth.

Thankfully, I have discovered the sipper-friendly, tough, double-wall Borosilicate Glass Tea Tumbler from Sun’s Tea. The 18-ounce cylinder (which is great for any beverage) is a comfortable grab, and the rim feels made for lips.  The twist on/off thermal lid seals airtight.  There’s no drinking slat; you’ll have to brave the open container when you want a sip —  but it’s tall and slim and deep enough to avoid slopping over as it nests in a cup holder.  The tumbler comes with a slim removable stainless steel strainer that settles into a niche near the top, so you can use loose tea leaves, other herbs, very coarsely ground coffee beans, or even pieces of fruit for flavor.  Borosilicate glass is a lead-free, heat-resistant invention (the outside of the container won’t feel hot or cold) that looks and feels  just like glass but is infinitely less fragile (though not unbreakable) and is microwave- and dishwasher-safe. I like seeing the steeping tea leaves, floating lemon wedge, or cappuccino froth through the glass.  For packing, I recommend wrapping the tumbler in a layer of bubble wrap just as a precaution.  Though the tumbler is break-resistant, you won’t want to do any vigorous stirring with a metal utensil.

Sun’s Tea 18-ounce Double-Wall Borosilicate Glass Tea Tumbler with removable strainer is $21.99; at