Gadget Guru: 1 Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask


Updated: Friday, September 22, 2017, 3:01 AM

The 1 Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask is made from thick, cushiony memory foam.

Eye masks that block out light are standard travel accessories. Built-in earbuds and/or cables that connect to a cellphone or MP3 player have become popular components for listening to music or noise-blocking white sounds while dozing off. But connected sleep masks aren’t always good company. Roll over on your side and those built-in earbuds (or your own connected headphones) can poke uncomfortably; svelte nylon models can slip and slide, making matters worse. The folks at 1 Voice have remedied those annoyances with the new Sleep Headphones Eye Mask. The oversize mask is made of thick memory foam covered with soft nylon velvet, so it molds to your head and more efficiently keeps light out and the mask in place. A sewn-in strip of stretchy jersey spanning the nose bridge doubles down on blocking light, regardless of facial shape. Instead of earbuds, this mask has embedded slim, flat over-ear sound disks on each side. They don’t poke and are cushioned behind an extra layer of memory foam, so you barely feel them, even when rolling over. An integrated audio port connects to most cellphones or MP3 players via the included audio cable with 3.5mm jack — or use your own cable. There’s no battery needed, as your electronic device provides all the oomph. An inline volume control knob lets you dial up or down the sound level. It restricts the decible level to the low end, so you’ll need to use the volume controls on your connected electronic devices if you want louder input. Anyone who has had to rely on those once-ubiquitous elastic bands that stretch over your head for grip — until they inevitably stretch out — will welcome this mask’s wide adjustable straps, which fasten at the back of the head via Velcro closures. The mask’s nylon velvet cover unzips for machine washing. Whether you tune in to music or engage white sound to block out ambient noise — including snoring or the unwelcome voice of the passenger seated next to you — the Sleep Headphones Eye Mask has got you covered.

1 Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask in black, blue, gray, or pink, is $49 at


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