Denver County Fair plans cannabis-themed contests, ‘pot pavilion’ for August

“Competition” ordinarily is not the chief word that comes to mind when discussing marijuana, but the Denver County Fair is about to change all that this August with pot-themed contests for attendees. Luckily, it’s likely to remain friendly. 

Scheduled to run August 1st through 3rd, the Denver County Fair will feature a number of cannabis contests including fastest joint rolling and a Doritos eating contest, along with several “best of” categories. It is, after all, a county fair, so awards include:


  • Best marijuana plant
  • Best homemade bong
  • Best brownie recipe
  • Best tie-dye
  • Best roach clip
  • Best hemp fabric 


“We thought it was time for us to take that leap and represent one of the things Denver has going on,” Tracy Weil, marketing and creating director for the fair, told USA Today.

But it’s not as if the weed contests will be going on willy-nilly—in fact, they’re organized around a “pot pavilion” that participants must be 21 or older to enter. The events, naturally, will happen away from the fairgrounds with (hopefully) no cannabis consumption on the main site. 

Unfortunately, though, the joint rolling contest will be done with oregano, and some entries will be judged by photos alone. Organizers “wanted to be respectful” the families and kids attending the fair, hence the sensamilla separationism.  

Denver’s fair is already known for odd events, but the move over to pot-themed ones marks a fairly large change in terms of mainstream acceptance of marijuana. While its regrettable that the events had to be held off-site from the main fair, their very existence at all at a gathering like this one indicate that the ball—at least in Denver—as not only begun rolling, but has picked up speed. Using oregano in a joint content is but a small casualty.

Gonna be pretty tough judging a brownie without eating it, though.

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