Saturday, October 25, 2014
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LED turn signals for cyclists

Why should motor vehicles come with bright rear turn signals, while cyclists must rely on arm signals, which forces cyclists to steer one-handed before and during a turn, and may or may not be noticed by those behind them? This can be especially treacherous when a cyclist is navigating amid cars and trucks, even when there's a designated bike lane. Help has arrived from Buztronics, which has created the brilliant and easily installed Signal Pod Deluxe Wireless Turn Signal. A big, wide flashing signaling unit (called the pod) mounts to the bicycle's seat post. A three-button wireless remote control unit attaches to either side of the handlebars for easy access. Push the remote's left button and ultrabright red LEDs in a double arrow on the left side of the pod start flashing; same for the right. A button between the directional controls activates a triangular hazard light.

Signal Pod Deluxe Wireless Turn Signal

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