Lonely Planet parents offer revised guide to traveling with kids

OAKLAND, Calif. - Lonely Planet founders Tony and Maureen Wheeler traveled widely with their children from the time the kids were babies.

They'd been to so many countries in the developing world that when they first took the children to Europe, their daughter "found it hard to believe that she could drink water from the tap in every country we visited."

That's one of the anecdotes offered by Maureen Wheeler in the foreword to Lonely Planet's "Travel with Children: Your Complete Resource" ($20) out this summer in a newly revised edition, the fifth since the book was first published in 1985.

"Travel with Children" acknowledges that the term "family travel" may conjure up images of "sulking teens glued to their phones" or "your baby keeping all the other plane passengers awake." The book offers advice on how to minimize problems by picking the right destinations, remaining flexible, and involving kids in planning and problem-solving.

The book includes destinations on every continent, with sections on the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, France, Italy, Australia, India, Mexico, Costa Rica, South Africa, and Israel among others.

There are also separate sections on "Before You Go" preparations, traveling with teenagers, traveling as a single parent, adventure trips, camping, living abroad and travel games.

The book's emphasis on international travel may seem somewhat exotic to Americans who are less familiar with destinations outside North America and Europe. Its "Top 10" list for beach holidays, for example, includes Costa del Sud, Sardinia; Cottesloe, Australia; Durban, South Africa; Karon Beach, Thailand; Kauai, Hawaii; Aitutaki, Cook Islands; Noosa, Australia; Tavira, Portugal; Sayulita, Mexico; and Sanur, Bali.

But other sections offer recommendations that may seem less intimidating, like the "Top 10 City Breaks" list: Oaxaca, Mexico; Istanbul, Turkey; London; Los Angeles; Vancouver, Canada; Lisbon, Portugal; Copenhagen; Singapore; Sydney and Rome. *