Sunday, November 29, 2015


TIERRA DEL FUEGO, Argentina - Literary pilgrimages are the kind of journey I find thrilling: climbing dark stairs in St. Petersburg to see the desk where Dostoevsky finished The Brothers Karamazov just before he died; seeing the "snotgreen sea"
SNOWMASS, Colo. - Did last winter's ski instructor - "ski pros" they're called - drive you crazy, going on and on about carving, corn, and mashed potatoes? That wasn't Thanksgiving dinner he was talking about. That was Ski Speak, the lingo you need to learn if you want to fit in with the "rippers" on the slopes.
DOHA (Reuters) - Amid thatched ceilings and arched doorways in a traditional Qatari house in Doha, a projector beams a quote by Abraham Lincoln onto...
“If you show up to a marriage without wearing bazin, you might as well not show up at all,” said Baba Sereme, a designer known for his bazin suits for men, hand-dyed elaborate color schemes.
BUCHAREST, Romania - This isn't the first city Americans think of visiting on a European vacation. During the Iron Curtain years, Romania was an elusory country known for turning out Olympic gymnasts and for steering an independent, yet totalitarian, course from the rest of the Soviet Bloc. Tourism was not a priority.
TRANSYLVANIA, Romania - The two-lane road through the Carpathian Mountains twisted under a canopy of pines, but we were no longer climbing. The hairpin turn sloped gently downward, while occasional breaks in the forest offered glimpses of a wide, verdant valley with a castle clinging to a hill in the distance. Welcome to Transylvania.
Here in the desert, nothing moves. Nothing but the dust in the wind and maybe the occasional lizard, doing push-ups on a rock in the shade of a mesquite bush. Here, the ghosts of the American West hold forth.
There is a moment during travel when relaxation kicks into gear. For us, it came in increments, beginning the moment we arrived in Honolulu. Straight out of our gate, we were steps from the outdoors and soft breezes that carried the scent of native flowers.
LOS ANGELES (AP) - That other Thanksgiving tradition - congested highways and jammed airports - is getting underway with gas prices low and terrorism fears high.
Welcome to Philly