Monday, February 8, 2016


Going up Pennsylvania. In a cold-weather outdoors event like few others, climb a 1,100-foot vertical trail to a vista overlooking the state's own "Grand Canyon." Don't forget traction aids for conquering snow and ice. Mt. Tom Winter Challenge, Ansonia, Feb. 21.
No matter how much we try to blend in while traveling, there are still some places where tourists stand out. To scam artists, that's a sign of easy money.
KOPAVOGUR, Iceland - In this small city just south of the capital Reykjavik, a two-lane street in a quiet residential area abruptly loops and narrows to avoid a small hill dotted with lichen-speckled rocks. The diversion seems inexplicable, but anyone around here will tell you the reason:
FARGO, N.D. - Some people say Fargo is in the middle of nowhere. Like that's a bad thing. The city, on North Dakota's eastern border, shone like a beacon on my GPS device last summer as I drove west from the East Coast. Fargo may be out of the way, but I'd argue that remoteness is one of its charms. You don't end up there by accident, and you don't necessarily stay for convenience.
NEW YORK - The deal announced here Thursday was the one nobody expected - an attempt to restore the aged, rusting SS United States to a glamorous ocean liner and sail it across the world.
NEW ORLEANS (AP) - It's glitter season in New Orleans. A time for feathers, paper mache, sequins, paint, bailing wire, bones, and just about any other item that can be used for decoration. Across garages, kitchen tables and warehouses, residents are feverishly sewing elaborate costumes, painting floats and decorating custom throws.
On Saturday morning of my first week studying abroad in Australia, I embarked on a daylong tour of Phillip Island.
Disposable coffee cups are lousy for the environment, but the reusable kind are bulky and prone to drip the last drops wherever they are stashed. Contemplating this dilemma (over coffee), a few buddies came up with the idea of a collapsible, leak-proof co
When my wife, Marlyn, learned an Austin-Healey museum was opening near Amsterdam, she knew she could get me to take a trip to Europe. I've owned Austin-Healeys since the 1960s and recently bought a 1961 3000. After a wonderful week in Paris, we traveled to Amsterdam. On a beautiful September day, we took the train from Central Station to visit the Healey Museum just outside the city, in Vreeland.
Name: What it does: It's a website that opens the doors to online booking for 17,000 luxury suites you never knew existed in Las Vegas, Miami, and New York. Los Angeles is up next. More than 50 percent of the inventory is exclusive to Suiteness.
Answer: North Carolina. The Great Dismal Swamp is the largest intact remnant of a vast habitat that once covered more than 1 million acres of southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. In 1974, Congress established the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, which now encompasses more than 112,000 acres.
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