Wednesday, December 17, 2014


The chilly weather is officially here, so it's time to ponder this fashionable headwear conundrum: to brim, or not to brim?
Amid all the headlines about mega-projects coming to Camden, a small store with big goals has opened in the city's Parkside section.
Gift-giving this holiday season isn’t all about glossy, packaged and new items. Sometimes you need to add a splash of punk into your generosity. This weekend’s holiday edition of R5 Production’s Punk Rock Flea Market is sure to be the one-stop shop for jewelry, art, apparel — the list goes on and on.
Pantone’s 2015 color of the year, marsala, is a lot prettier than the name suggests (I instantly think of Chicken Marsala which, while delicious, is not necessarily “pretty”).
The fitting room of the future is coming to Nordstrom. According to Fortune, the upscale department store is installing new interactive, full-length smart mirrors in its dressing rooms.
Make your lip color bold and long lasting!
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show took place in London, England this year and was filmed on December 2, 2014. The show aired on television Tuesday December 9, 2014.
Jeweler Steven Lagos, dressed in a custom Nehru blazer with his company's signature deep purple as the silk lining, reminisced about the gold of old.
Instead of staring at Kate Middleton's maternity bump during her and Prince William's first-ever jaunt to the Big Apple this week, we've been fixated on her coats.
PARIS - I came to Paris to learn about Paul Durand-Ruel, an art dealer who championed the impressionist movement before impressionism was cool. During a detour, I discovered something new from the unlikely combination of architect Frank Gehry and the fashion house Louis Vuitton.