The public wants a piece of Priscilla Chan

Mark Zuckerberg replaced his infamous hoodie with a suit when he married Priscilla Chan Saturday. However, what the public really wants is a piece of Chan, some deeming her the "Kate Middleton of Silicon Valley."

Nuptial details between Zuck and his new wife have slowly trickled out since their wedding. We now know that the couple ambushed their 100+ guests, who thought they were celebrating Chan's graduation from medical school, with a surprise wedding. A source tells AP that Zuckerberg designed his longtime girlfriend's ring, which features "a very simple ruby." We also know that the ceremony itself was very simple, despite Facebook going public on Friday, which was also said to be "coincidental."

This photo provided by Facebook shows Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan at their wedding ceremony in Palo Alto, Calif., Saturday, May 19, 2012. Zuckerberg updated his status to "married" on Saturday. The ceremony took place in Zuckerberg's backyard before fewer than 100 guests, who all thought they were there to celebrate Chan's graduation. (AP Photo/Facebook, Allyson Magda Photography)

Naturally, a great deal of interest has been targeted towards Chan's gown, which was designed by Claire Pettibone. The designer told BuzzFeed Shift that the lace dress costs $4,700, and orders are racking up. Pettibone says she found out Chan wore her dress, "the way everyone else did." Her husband saw the news of Zuckerberg's marriage and realized the design of the dress Chan was wearing, belonged to that of his wife.


Thoughts on Priscilla Chan's wedding dress?

After photos of the lovebirds were released and the designer of the gown, identified, the company's web traffic spiked from its average 1,500 unique visitors a day to 26,000 on Monday. Pettibone says traffic has multiplied by ten, and we're presuming by now that it's pulling 20x the usual numbers.

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